Everyone, including you, is something very special. A unique miracle full of skills and full of love, and you deserve to live a happy and fulfilling life!
Within you lies the miracle that you really ARE.

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Mindset ☯ Lifecoach

Psychological systemic individual coach, hypno-therapist & personal trainer

mindsetcoachHello, my name is Matthias Kircher.
I am an entrepreneur, a passionate visionary and an optimistic free spirit, who reinvents himself at every stage of his journey. I have learned from experience to understand complex interrelationships and to recognize the simplicity of life. I love life, people and nature.

As your coach, I support you to be the most wonderful version of yourself and to live your dreams.

Everything you need is already within you!

To recognize your true greatness and beauty and to support you in your personal development is the focus of my work.

You are the most important person in your life! 

Coaching topics - Success • Intuition • Flow

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BALANCE - is much more than just physical balance. It is an all-encompassing principle that permeates every aspect of our bodies, minds and lives. The goal of  BALANCE-yourLife COACHING is to be your personal lifestyle coach. This allows you to embrace a holistic natural lifestyle that already exists deep within you. An authentic BEING in resonance with the power of the present.

Live your most wonderful version!

Individual coaching programs that can be held in writing by email, by phone or online via Skype or Zoom. We are happy to coordinate your personal program in a free initial consultation.

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Living with the power of the present

hypnoYOGA is a holistic approach to life for a conscious life in resonance with the power of the present.

BALANCE your Body & Mind to CONNECT your Soul!

The essence is the harmonization of body, mind and soul.

The KEY to BALANCE your Life!

The key to the desired change of blocking and destructive behavior and emotional patterns, and thus the way to a fulfilled and happy life, is the correction of the triggering negative memories in our subconscious (heart)!!

The feeling of one☯BEING

Do you want to live your most wonderful version?
Your SUCCESS has 2 letters DO!

NOW is the first moment in your new life!

In my Shop (BALANCE-yourLife theme world) you will find hypnosis and meditation on numerous topics. These are mp3 files that you download after purchase. A hypnosis session lasts about 45 minutes. Do you have any questions: I can offer you background information on hypnosis, affirmation and meditation or you can simply contact me. Contact


The effectiveness of hypnosis has been proven beyond a doubt and very successfully by extensive research and many international studies. Hypnosis has been used since time immemorial as a method to heal the body and soul.

Applications of hypnosis

Building self-confidence, overcoming fears, strengthening self-confidence, releasing blockages, overcoming shyness, self-realization, addictive behavior, solving eating disorders, finally non-smokers, successfully losing weight, motivation & life energy, gaining basic trust and self-love (back), recreation & relaxation, vitality & health, self-discovery, fulfilled sexuality, inner balance & burnout prevention and much more!     To the Shop - BALANCE yourLife Theme worlds

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