My name is Matthias Kircher.
I am an entrepreneur, a passionate visionary and an optimistic free spirit who reinvents himself at every stage of his journey. I have learned from experience to understand complex relationships and to recognize the simplicity of life. I love life, people and nature.

make yourself happy!

mindsetcoachI feel joyful because every day I actively work for my happiness in life and physical well-being.

I start every day with my hypnoYOGA morning routine, eat healthy and let my dreams take shape.
And I'm grateful. Grateful for all the experiences I have had so far, for the many opportunities that still lie ahead of me and the freedom to choose every day. I have a body, I have a mind and I am pure consciousness in this universe.

Since I have learned to perceive what feels right for me, it has become easier and easier to make my decisions intuitively in order to set the direction for my path.
I always critically question the opinions of others and check them through my own experience.
With every experience, my curiosity grows to get to know myself, the mind, feelings and emotions available to me better, in order to experience the world in all its diversity and complexity as intensively as possible.

My resolution is to accept every day as a gift and to celebrate with the possibilities available to me.

I'm already looking forward to my 120th birthday.

PSI - Psychological Systemic Individual COACH


Get rid of negative emotions and love yourself!

The focus of my work as a holistic life coach (mindset and lifestyle coach) and spiritual teacher is to support people in their personal development, to recognize their strengths and talents, to analyze destructive behavior patterns and to show new possibilities.

Today I advise and accompany people in different life situations. Together with them I am happy about their insights, positive changes and successes.

Everything we need to be happy and fulfilled is already within us!

Through my education and many years of work as a trainer, consultant and coach, I was able to develop my skills in dealing with people over many years.

"Experience the feeling of oneness with you and everything!"

Life a balanced Life
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  • PSI (Psychological Systemic Individual) - Caoch at the EBWK Foundation
  • Self-study in the fields of hypnosis therapy, quantum clearing and holistic life coaching for 13 years:
    • Healing psychology (healing of the relationship with oneself and with others).
    • Dissolving blockages and destructive behavior patterns.
    • Spirituality, a key to development and healing.
    • Joy of life through mindfulness (spirituality in everyday life).
    • My methods: feelGOOD-hypnosis, feelGOOD-Coaching and feelGOOD- meditation.
    • My BALANCE-yourLife Concept (hypnoY☯GA): BALANCE-yourBody, BALANCE-yourMind to CONNECT-yourSoul.
  • Diploma in Physics at the Johann Wolfgang Goethe University in Frankfurt a.M.
  • Hypnotherapist at P. Abadh Kühn Berlin School of Medicine
  • Education Transformation Hatha Yoga Teachers
  • Self-study and further training in quantum clearing
  • More than 20 years of professional experience as a consultant, trainer and coach
  • Head of employee coaching, head of marketing and owner of the Body Fit Activitystudio Offenbach
  • Sales manager, wellness consultant, personal trainer and coach in the Body Fit Activitystudio Hofheim
  • Instructor Training Group Training at Less Mils
  • Fitness trainer B license
  • Wellness and massage therapist at Terramedus


,,I always felt understood and never pushed into anything. He encouraged me with my qualities, while always keeping an eye on the goal and the structured implementation of the necessary steps..."

,,Matthias is very valuable for me and my personal development. He knows how to ask absolutely the right questions. The cooperation is always based on partnership and on an equal footing..."

,,In addition to his very good professional competence, it was important for me that Matthias understands how to put myself in my professional and personal situation.
I look forward to continuing our good and successful cooperation!"

,,Matthias helped me a lot to develop my "profile". He was able to empathize very well with my situation and supported me as much as I wanted..."


,,Wow I'm really excited, I've never done anything like this before and it was a really different experience.
After opening my eyes, the whole room I was sitting in looked completely different, much livelier and happier :-)
Anni K."

,,Thank you very much!
I bought the complete package and am grateful for the new impressions. What a source of possibilities lies within me. Everything I need is within me.
Your hypnosis reinforced that.

,,This little yes, really gave me a feeling, as reinforcement because it's hard to believe something. I don't even know what happened to me, suddenly I woke up on command, as if I had had a long sleep behind me. I feel pleasantly well now and have a very, very good feeling inside. Yapa Ona"


Growing up in a village in Hesse, I was fascinated by our existence, life on earth and the vastness of the universe from a very early age. I wanted to know what holds the world and our universe together at its core. Who I am and what is the secret of a happy and fulfilling life.

On the one hand, the search for answers and my inspiring teachers led me to science. I was already working as a trainer and coach in sports and fitness while I was studying physics.

On the other hand, my urge for freedom and love for sports in nature led me out into the wide world. The call of my heart, my intuition and my curiosity led me to the most beautiful places and let me have the most incredible experiences with wonderful people.

The desire for self-realization made me start my own business at the age of 29 as the owner and operator of a fitness and wellness facility. I then gained 8 years of interesting experience as a freelance IT consultant, project manager and start-up coach. Striving for material success, recognition and self-affirmation gradually led me into a serious crisis. With the diagnosis of burnout (severe depression) and the perceived death of my destructive ego, I ended the first part of my life in 2008.

All masks dropped, open and free, my new life began in 2009 with a trip to Asia. Arrived in Thailand I learned to let go and let in. Diving opened up the world of meditation for me through controlling my breath. Contact improvisation, free dancing, yoga and tantra changed my view of my life. What if it's all supposed to be like this? The key to lasting change and my happiness came to me through my training as a hypnotherapist. An incredible and wonderful path of healing and development began.

For many years I have been traveling all over the world to learn from inspiring teachers and masters, but above all from my experiences, encounters, clients and friends and to dive deeper into my own spiritual practice.

Since 2009 I have been developing a holistic concept (BALANCE yourLife) for more joie de vivre through mindfulness (hypnoYOGA) and work as a hypnotherapist, life coach and share my spiritual experiences and insights.


Long walks in nature, jogging, Argentine Tango, fitness, biking, travelling, campervan camping, scuba diving, windsurfing, kite surfing, motorcycling, snowboarding, hiking and much more.


My concept of recording hypnosis and offering it as an mp3 music file is based on the idea that everyone has the opportunity to change their life in the desired direction of well-being.
This is possible with my hypnosis - mp3's. You will achieve your goals independently and without the direct presence of a hypnotist.

For many years I have worked intensively on it, had many discussions and thought a lot about how it is possible to dissolve the unpleasant structures in the safest, most effective, simple, fast and with little expenditure of time in order to develop new and long-awaited structures, possible suffering to remove possible blockages, to build up new trust and to lead a happier and fulfilled life.

With my BALANCE-yourLife Coaching you have the opportunity to let me accompany you on your new path of transformation. Through a precise analysis, you will receive hypnosis (coaching) that is individually tailored to your needs, wishes and goals. In another analysis and feedback appointment, you will receive the motivation and support you need to achieve your goals.

I wish you a lot of fun choosing your hypnosis in my Online Shop and hope that I can inspire you as a new customer with my offer of feelGOOD-hypnosis or my BALANCE-yourLife Coaching

And maybe my motto will soon become your new truth.

Now is the first moment of your new life!


I see you - design your life - as you want it! I see you - moving forward, developing further and mastering upcoming hurdles as a challenge.

I see you - putting things in perspective, prioritizing and achieving your goals. • I see you - bring balance into your life. • I see you - trust yourself and be the best you can be. • I see you - how you get the the basic trust and the intrinsic motivation to do and be what you want to do and be. • I see you - go your way and live your vision!

My hypnosis and I advise, accompany and motivate you to find and realize your vision!

Ready to live your dream?

Do you want to live your most wonderful version?
Your SUCCESS has 2 letters DO!


I support people who want to change something in their lives. People who want more balance, more self-confidence and better self-esteem. With me you will find the freedom to understand yourself better and to develop further.

I meet each of my clients with great empathy and accompany, advise and motivate in the sense of a holistic approach in a very personal setting.

Matthew Kircher
Holistic life consultant (lifestyle coach)


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