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mindsetcoachYou just want to feel really good and in the flow?

You long for more love, connection, passion, joy, playfulness, depth, meaning and peace in your life. After everything feels lighter, clearer, more carefree and more meaningful. You want to be free and still feel safe.

And you know you have the potential to live the life of your dreams.

But you find it difficult to leave. You haven't found the thread yet and it feels like something is stopping you from finally getting started.

Would you like to regain your basic trust and your very own intuition in order to feel calm, serenity and inner strength and to entrust yourself to the flow of life.

You are very special, a unique miracle full of ability and full of love, and you deserve to live a happy and fulfilling life. In YOU lies the miracle that you really ARE!

Now is the first moment in your new life!

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Everything in our life that we can, what we feel and what we think we are, we have learned. From birth to the present day our minds are conditioned and so we are the result of our learning processes. Learning means repeating behavior, movements and the associated emotions and feelings until they are stored as behavioral patterns in the subconscious.

Feeling good and happy can be learned!

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When learning a positive sensation and the feeling of well-being associated with it, it is important to create this feeling of well-being and happiness and to consciously perceive it. A continuous training, i.e. the repetition of the perception, the feeling makes it possible to generate the feeling of well-being and the associated emotions of feeling happy more and more often.

It takes our minds 4-6 weeks to learn a simple pattern of behavior. It doesn't matter how old you are.

Live a simple Lifestyle ~ Success, Intuition & Flow!



BALANCE – is much more than mere physical balance. It is an all-encompassing principle that permeates every aspect of our bodies, minds and lives. Not too much and not too little, it's the principle of the golden way.

Balance determines the right speed, timing and precision upon which everything in life depends for us. In a state of inner and outer balance we are physically, mentally and emotionally balanced and in harmony with our lives.

This is our natural state ~ "normal state".

A feeling of emptiness

Our life takes place exclusively in this small, infinitely continuing moment, the present, in the NOW.

But our mind cannot exist in the consciously experienced present. Therefore, he produces uncontrollably and incessantly thoughts that are supposed to bring us either into painful emotional states from the past or into anxious ones about an uncertain future. So this mind, conditioned by negative and destructive experiences in the past, distracts us from our “real” life. As we don't miss our lives for the sake of presence, a constant sense of teaching, dissatisfaction and imbalance arises deep within us.

Normal state ~ to be one with you and everything!

The aim of the BALANCE yourLife concept is to become your personal lifestyle coach. This allows you to embrace a holistic natural lifestyle that already exists deep within you.

An authentic BEING in resonance with the power of the present.

All available techniques are only to add consciousness to the experience. The conscious experience in the here and now automatically leads to a more intense, joyful and fulfilling life.

The focus is on returning to your roots and re-anchoring them (grounding). To recognize and accept yourself as you really are behind your conditioned and mostly shifted perception.

The feeling of TO BE-ONE with you and everything!

Everything is already there!

Everyone, including you, is something very special. A unique miracle full of skills and full of love, and you deserve to live a happy and fulfilling life!

In YOU lies the miracle that you really ARE!

The BALANCE yourLife success coaching includes learning, training and internalizing techniques specially selected for you. By activating, learning and experiencing this knowledge that already exists in you, new thought processes and the associated feelings are anchored, so that your naturally positive and conscious behavior can be adopted and integrated into everyday life.

Activate existing knowledge ~ SUCCESS, INTUITION & FLOW!

In your natural state you can fully engage with yourself, you love all parts of yourself and feel fully in your power. You celebrate every moment and can calmly let life SUCCESS. You follow your intuition and feel in the FLOW.

You are the most important person in your life and the one you have always waited for!

Live your dream NOW and enjoy your life SUCCESSING. Free yourself from all desires, use your full potential and live the most wonderful version of yourself. Become ONE with a body, mind and your intuition (heart).

You are the creator of your life!


Coaching topics - SUCCESS • INTUITION • FLOW

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BALANCE yourLife Coaching with hypnosis

The cause of all our problems lies in our self-imposed limitations and blockages. These were instilled in us in the course of our development through negative experiences.

You can't do this, be careful, you have no talent for this, you are too small, weak, stupid, lazy etc.

These negative memories are untruths and are stored as feelings in our subconscious. Only 10% of all our memories are conscious and can be actively recalled by our conscious mind. The remaining 90% are unconscious or subconscious memories. The negative memories stored in our subconscious (heart) shape our behavior and, if not corrected, can lead to mental and even physical problems.

The key to changing all of these automatic behaviors is correcting those negative and destructive memories in our subconscious!

Open your heart and become the creator of your life!

My hypnosis and meditations cause you to open up access to yourself, to the miracle that you really are, to recognize yourself and thus to rediscover and live your resources and your love - especially for yourself. This is how you get back to your natural state, to a happy and fulfilling life.

My BALANCE-yourLife Coaching uses the fascinating possibilities of hypnosis.

SUCCESS is no coincidence, success is CONCEIVABLE!

It is a wonderful feeling with the help of a relaxing and pleasant feel-good trance:

  • Define and program your life goals yourself.
  • Dissolve your blockages and self-imposed limits.
  • Recognize your potential and use it to 100%.
  • to believe in yourself.
  • To go your way and to realize your vision.

BALANCE-yourLife Coaching means:

  • Strengthening of self-responsibility.
  • Release blockages and find solutions.
  • (re)discover your own creativity.
  • Develop inner resources and potential.
  • get to know yourself better
  • Strengthening of self-confidence and self-acceptance
  • Appreciation and acceptance of the „UNCONSCIOUS".
  • Balance and  „TOBE-ONE"!

Only those who dare to break new ground can surpass themselves!

The feeling of tobe☯ONE

Do you want to live your most wonderful version?
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