INTENSE package

INTENSE package

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599,00 EUR (partial payment on request)

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COACHING intense package

The services included in the COACHING intense package are described below:

BALANCE yourLife Concept ~ Analysis & Concept

For the correct selection of the appropriate tools (hypnosis, meditation, breathing techniques, etc.) and thus an effective progress, an analysis of the current state (anamnesis) and the creation of a concept is very useful. As a rule, there are several topics that are linked to one another. Information is exchanged via email, WhatsApp, Skype or Zoom. Your BALANCE yourLife Concept includes the following services:

  • Anamnesis questionnaire and exchange of necessary information (basis for the analysis and concept development).
  • Analysis based on the information in the anamnesis questionnaire (supplement and exchange of missing information).
  • Elaboration of the concept and development of a sensible procedure (BALANCE yourLife Concept).



BALANCE yourLife hypnosis/meditation package

Based on your BALANCE yourLife concept, you will receive a package tailored to your wishes and needs (hypnosis, meditation, breathing techniques, etc.). It is usually a mix of different tools that are effective and useful for you and your wishes:

  • Themenbezogene Hypnosen, Meditationen, Atemtechniken oder andere Praktiken/Techniken.



BALANCE yourLife ~ coaching/feedback

The number of coaching/feedbacks depends on the type and scope of the problem, your wishes and needs. In general, you should schedule at least one coaching/feedback (45min) per week if you use hypnosis regularly.

  • As a rule, there are several topics that are linked to one another.
  • The more intensive and frequent the exchange, the more effective and faster i. R. positive changes noticeable.
  • Information is exchanged via email, WhatsApp, Skype or Zoom.
  • INTENSE package contains 1 x 60min per week BALANCE yourLife coaching feedback within 12 weeks



hypnoY☯GA training plan (BALANCE your Body)

hypnoY☯GA is a holistic approach to life for a conscious life in resonance with the power of the present. The essence is the harmonization of body, mind and soul. The conscious experience in the here and now automatically leads to a more intense, joyful and fulfilling life. 

  • You will receive a training plan/procedure tailored to your wishes and needs.
  • This helps you to integrate more love and awareness into your everyday life.
  • This helps you to authentically BE in resonance with the power of the present.



I look forward to a good cooperation and welcome you!

BALANCE yourLife
and make yourself happy!



Scope of delivery

This article consists of the following agreements:
1. Agreement for the selection of supporting tools (hypnoses, meditations, breathing exercises - mp3 download).
2. Agreement for creating a BALANCE yourLife concept.
3. Agreement for 8 x 45min BALANCE yourLife Coaching within 8 weeks.


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INTENSE package    599,00 EUR (Part payment on request)
No tax statement according to the small business regulation §19 UStG

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