Ready for your most wonderful version?

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COACHING Session €50,00



Individual coaching sessions to transform your life.

Are you ready for your most wonderful version?

Are you already living the most wonderful version of yourself with an open heart?
Love and celebrate yourself with all parts of your personality and feel ONE with you and everything?

In the first session we have the opportunity to get to know each other and to analyze the current situation. From this we define together powerful, motivating and inspired steps into a happy and fulfilling life.

Possible coaching topics:

  • Strengthen your selfCONSIOUSNESS so that you can make decisions freely and safely, become more creative, improve your charisma and expand your scope of action.
  • Build your selfCONFIDENCE in order to be able to deal with difficulties in a relaxed manner, to live according to your own needs, to recognize change as an opportunity and to grow as a personality through crises.
  • REALIZE yourself to live joy and success, to use your inner resources and potential, to fulfill your dreams and wishes, to go your own way and to shape your life in such a way that it really suits you.
  • Win your BASIC TRUST (back) to feel calm, serenity and inner strength, to entrust yourself to the flow of life so that you can SUCCESS to experience your fulfillment in the HERE and NOW.

Live your dream NOW and enjoy your life SUCCESSING. Free yourself from all desires, use your full potential and live the most wonderful version of yourself. Open your heart to all parts of you and become ONE with your body, mind and your INTUITION (good feeling/source).

You are the creator of your life!

I am looking forward to an intensive and conscious togetherness and welcome you to your journey to yourself!


BALANCE yourLife
make yourself happy!

Are you ready for your most wonderful version?
Your SUCCESS has 2 letters DO!


BALANCE yourLife
and make yourself happy!



Scope of delivery

This article consists of the following agreements:
1. Agreement for the selection of supportive hypnosis (mp3 download).
2. Agreement for creating a BALANCE yourLife concept.
3. Agreement for a BALANCE yourLife coaching (support according to offer selection).


passfoto free appointments on request!

 50,00 EUR
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