Hypnosis is NOT unconsciousness!

Even in a trance you are fully conscious. You may often wonder why you came up with this unusual idea in a trance state. This is because in hypnosis your subconscious takes over and the otherwise dominant consciousness recedes into the background. In hypnosis you are by no means without will - you are in control of your actions at all times.

Hypnosis has been used since time immemorial as a method to heal the body and soul.


The effectiveness of the use of hypnosis has been proven beyond a doubt and very successfully by extensive research and many international studies.

» Studies at the University of Tübingen

It is a wonderful feeling to bring about changes with a feel-good trance, to release blockages, to use inner potential and to fully exploit your own resources. 

Self-hypnosis or guided hypnosis opens up these fascinating possibilities even without the presence of a hypnotist. Almost everyone uses such feel-good trances in their everyday life as a short break or excursion into another, inner world. Images, feelings, ideas, memories, visions of the future, but also colors, sounds, or scents can completely absorb the attention.
One no longer perceives the environment, is turned towards the inner happenings and experiences everything exactly as if it were actually happening there and now. 

The adventurous journey to the centre, to one's own inner SELF, on the other hand, is a wonderful daily invitation to the land of unlimited possibilities. That's where you find warmth and security, clarity and security, and that's where you really succeed in solving problems."

You will learn to love hypnosis!

Summary of content from the introduction to the book: Hypnotherapy and Self-Hypnosis by Dr. med. Wolfgang Blohm

Hypnosis is:

  • Help for self-help - hypnosis enables the client to change what he wants to change.
  • a trance technique with which one can achieve inner changes in a short time.
  • a suggestive method with which one can address the subconscious directly.
  • a relaxation technique in which the client becomes more receptive.
  • a state of heightened learning ability.
  • a particularly profound form of communication.

Each of us has the ability to be hypnotized or to hypnotize ourselves. Every hypnosis is basically always a "self-hypnosis", without your consent and your will no hypnosis is possible!

Amazing results can be achieved with hypnosis.

Hypnosis is a collection of different techniques and procedures, all of which aim to create a trance in which your subconscious comes to light. The focus is inward. By concentrating on your innermost being, on the one hand there is deep relaxation, on the other hand you can perceive your very own needs, desires and memories. In this state, it is easier to suggest certain goals to the subconscious and to dissolve blockages.

The feeling of tobe☯NE

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Hypnosis is safe and has no side effects. However, there are contraindications that speak against the use of hypnosis. These are:

  • Epilepsy
  • Psychosis / schizophrenia
  • Drug or alcohol influence
  • Cardiovascular diseases
  • Other mental or psychiatric relevant diseases

You should only watch and listen to hypnosis when you are mentally stable. Although acute crises do not generally speak against hypnosis, hypnosis should not be made especially for you without a preliminary discussion and analysis and by an expert.

I use a feel-good trance that is individually tailored to you (light - medium trance), which you achieve through deep relaxation. Call me for a non-binding initial telephone consultation or use my » contact form.


Meditation is NOT a trance state!

Meditation is a special state of consciousness that can be described as being conscious in the here and now, stillness, deep inner peace and oneness. Scientific studies of modern brain research have shown that meditation reduces stress more effectively than other relaxation techniques.

Meditation relieves stress and makes you balanced!

There are countless meditation techniques to get into a meditative state. The conscious breath often plays a special role in Eastern traditions. In recent years I have been intensively involved with breathing meditations and I would like to pass on their positive effects with enthusiasm.


Our body breathes independently about 26,000 times a day. If we stop breathing for several minutes, our body dies. But who is really aware of their breath? Fear, stress, joy and well-being have a direct effect on our breathing. Our breath and our physical and emotional states are directly connected.

Breath is life!

At the same time, we have the opportunity to positively change our inner and outer sensitivities by consciously perceiving and mindfully changing our breathing. Breath meditation is therefore a simple and very effective means of improving our well-being and is therefore an important part of the Balance Your Life training concept.

Our breath is the mirror of our state of mind!


The conscious awareness of the breath is a soothing and calming exercise that enables access to our inner being. In my breathing meditation I use this for a loving connection to our body, ourselves and everything.

Breath meditation is life energy!

BREATHING IN I feel my breath….. and I feel new energy flowing into my body BREATHING OUT I feel my breath…. release all tension and send a smile to my breath!


Mindfulness is consciously observing and perceiving the present moment in connection with a special inner attitude. Mindfulness means taking an open, alert, non-judgmental, loving and accepting attitude towards everything you perceive and do at the moment. And especially everything that is. Mindfulness connects you with yourself, the current situation and everything that is.

By observing your own breath, you will be able to consciously perceive the moment, the NOW, and thereby arrive in the present. The breathing meditation takes place in an accepting, loving inner attitude.

Our breath is the best teacher of mindfulness!

„Now simply observe your breathing... feel the air flowing into your body and your chest and abdomen expanding... observe without wanting to consciously change anything...!" It sounds quite easy to focus only on your breathing focus. In fact, it's a big challenge because our minds are constantly wandering. The longer and more intensively we can keep our mindfulness on the breath, the more mindful and relaxed we become in everyday life. The breath is an anchor for our restless thoughts.

„I breathe in and I know I'm breathing in now. I breathe out and I know that I breathe out now,…“

I cordially invite you to learn more about your breath to access more well-being.  More about meditation and why active breathing meditation...


In our culture, openly expressing feelings is discouraged. That is why we were raised to suppress our feelings and emotions. Due to the constant overstraining and sensory overload in everyday life, we accumulate: anger, stress, fear, rage, pain, sadness. In addition, our brain constantly generates thoughts (approx. 80,000 per day). It often makes us feel tense, nervous and restless. Sitting still and calming one's thoughts is often impossible in this state.

Through the combination of flowing movements and conscious breathing, physical and mental tension is released and energy can flow freely. This automatically creates the connection between your source and your body, mind and soul, becoming one with yourself and everything!

Breath meditation helps to fully develop your potential!

In particular, the breathing meditation taught by Thích Nhất Hạnh a Vietnamese monk and spiritual teacher, and the active meditations by Osho, an Indian philosopher and spiritual teacher, are extremely effective and powerful. I have combined these meditation techniques with a sequence of movements derived from Thai Chi for the BALANCE yourLife breathing meditation.

BALANCE yourLife Atem-Meditation causes:

physical relaxation and well-being • inner peace and serenity • emotional balance • an increased ability to concentrate • a state of mental clarity, increased ability to learn and perform • new life energy • inspiration and motivation • strengthening of the immune system • an open heart and much more.



Take a few minutes to prepare for the hypnosis (meditation) and look forward to a journey to yourself. Have a calming drink of tea or mineral water and slowly calm down. Avoid a time immediately after excitement or physical exertion. It is then more difficult to relax directly.

Be patient and don't force anything. Changes take time and usually happen gradually and "unconsciously". The effect of hypnosis is strongly dependent on the inner attitude. Trust in the effect and be deeply grateful for even the smallest change.

You can listen to the hypnosis as often as you like. It is crucial for the effect that you listen to the hypnosis continuously over a period of 3 - 6 weeks (at least 1 - 3 times a week). Just find out for yourself how often it feels good.

Don't force yourself, if you feel uncomfortable or restless during hypnosis, just take a break. You can interrupt the process at any time, the successes achieved up to that point will remain.

The less you put yourself under pressure and the more relaxed you listen to the hypnosis, the more effective the effect!

When you want something too badly, your subconscious can block you. Take your time, stay calm and believe in the effect, then you will achieve your goals step by step.

You will have the greatest success if you listen to the hypnosis without expectations. Just look forward to a break and the relaxing effect. Hypnosis activates your subconscious and gives you new behavior patterns to choose from. Use the suggestions and affirmations in everyday life to consciously decide on the new course of action.

Stay calm and composed while your desires and goals come your way!

I use a feel-good trance (light to medium hypnosis) individually tailored to you, which you achieve through deep relaxation.

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Affirmations are simple, clear, positively formulated statements about yourself that are used to program your subconscious with new information. The aim is to use them to solve blockages, to remove disruptions and outdated, deadlocked and obstructive thought structures and to create new positive, liberating and inspiring thought patterns. Affirmations are among those powerful psychological tools that support our ability to control our own behavior more systematically and purposefully. They thus make a reliable and at the same time cost-effective contribution to personal development. Source: Dr. Evelin Fräntzel.


The power of affirmations has been scientifically proven. It is irrelevant for your subconscious whether you are completely convinced of it or not. Examples are: I like myself the way I am! I feel good in my body! I enjoy not smoking anymore! I choose to be happy every day!

You can increase the effect of such an affirmation even more by visualizing its most positive manifestation, i.e. imagining it in every detail. For our subconscious there is no difference between what we imagine and what really happened, which is what we see with our physical eyes.

The clearer we imagine positive results, the more we attract them!

Therefore, visualize the desired result with all the details so precisely and clearly that you can feel how it feels when you have achieved your goal. As a result, your body already assumes the desired positive energy state and thus automatically attracts the corresponding energy. (Natural Law of Attraction)

You open your subconscious so that it can actually integrate these wonderful things into your life.

Hypnosis is a very simple and effective method of storing the desired affirmations and the associated emotions in our subconscious in a "believable" and "lasting" manner. 

When I was playing football growing up, I often imagined outplaying my direct opponent and scoring the winning goal in the next game, and I think I owe a large part of my frequent scoring to this habit.

Every success leads to further successes, because it inspires us and puts our self-imposed limitations into perspective.

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